Free Website Setup

For our new customers, we offer a complementary free website setup. This offer is only valid for new websites. Each website can only get this offer once. TheĀ free website design offer is limited to the following conditions:

  • A maximum of 10 Hours of labor on the site (after 10 Hours, the rate is $55/Hr)
  • Only Free WordPress Plugins (No paid or premium plugins)
  • No custom logic development (Server or client side)

Ā Search Engine OptimizationĀ 

Search Engine Optimization is also offered for free to our new customers. This offer can be redeemed only once per website. Search Engine Optimization does not guarantee any results. But optimizes the website for maximum visibility with the sites customers. SEO is only performed on Google. This works fine most of the time with all other search engines as well (Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc). But, if custom work is needed past Google here, the rate is $55/Hr.

Free Domain

This offer is only valid for new sites and only for the first year of the site as well. The domain price is also limited to be under $20. After the first year, the domainĀ renewal will be billed automatically to the customer.

Site Management Terms

Site management gives our Pro Plan Customers 1 Ticket every month that can be redeemed for website updates, revisions, addons, and more. Each Ticket is worth 1 Hour of work time (a $55.00 value). The maximum amount of Tickets that a single customer account can hold at a time is 12. After having 12 Tickets, the customer cannotĀ receive any more unless the given Tickets are spent. Tickets can be spent on the following tasks:

  • Updating Website Information
  • Adding functionality to the site
  • Adding pages to the site
  • Search Engine Optimization revisions
  • New site layout/design
  • Anything else pertaining to the website within reason.

Additional costs incurred as a result of Ticket redemptions will be passed on to the customer. Additional costs could be premium plugins, additional server space, etc. The customer will be notified of this expense before the requested work is started.Ā 

If the requested work from the redeemed Tickets takes more than the available tickets on the account, the customer will be billed at $55/Hr for all of the additional work time.

To spend your Tickets, please contact Jacob Robertson via email, phone, or whatever contact method is preferred.Ā 


Need More Help?

Contact us at for questions related to our Terms and Conditions.